Mental health education at young age key in reducing stigma: experts

York University psychology Professor Joel Goldberg said although it’s sometimes important to let students know where to seek help, the key issue is not where those services are but helping the student overcome the barrier of being embarrassed or ashamed.  Global News May 9th 2014

Psychology professor and student receive awards for excellence

A Faculty of Health professor and a doctoral candidate in psychology have received awards recently, one for excellence in teaching, and the other for a published article. Harvey Brooker, an adjunct professor in York’s Department of Psychology, was recently named the 2013 Canadian Psychological Association Award winner for distinguished contributions to education and training. “Dr. Brooker has been a key link in the chain of solidifying the training of many others like me, ensuring the next generation of clinical psychologists,” says psychology Professor Joel Goldberg, a former student of Brooker.  Y File Feb.22nd 2013

Psychopharmacology: What Psychologists Need to Know

How long does it take one shot of whiskey to leave the body? Which drug was the Rolling Stones song “Mother’s Little Helper” referring to? One hour for the first question and Valium for the second, according to Dr. Stephen List, an Assistant Clinical Professor at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences at McMaster University.

Dr. List led a one-day workshop on December 7th for Clinical and Clinical-developmental graduate students and faculty at York’s Keele campus entitled “Psychopharmacology: What Psychologists Need to Know.” Sponsored by the Faculty of Health, the workshop was organized by Dr. Joel Goldberg, Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Training in the Department of Psychology, to help students fulfill the new accreditation requirements introduced by the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) in 2011. Under the new requirements, students are now expected to receive didactic training on issues related to psychopharmacology, hence the focus of the workshop on pharmacological treatments. Y File Dec. 10th 2012

Study offers hope for schizophrenia patients who want to quit smoking

A new study by a York University professor is challenging the notion that people with schizophrenia are doomed to high rates of smoking and unable to quit once they’ve started.
“We’ve found that it is possible to help people with schizophrenia to quit at about the same rate as the general public, even though the overall rates remain twice as high,” says study co-author Joel Goldberg, a professor of psychology in York’s Faculty of Health. “This research is good news for patients and for family members who have pressed for specialized programs to help their relatives quit smoking.”   The journal, Tobacco Control.